Tokyo Destroyed—which alien did it?

In a statement made many weeks ago, the Imperium claimed responsibility for an attack on Tokyo, killing 10 million. We brought this to the world’s attention, but because there hadn’t been an attack on Tokyo it was largely ignored.

Now the “peaceful” aliens have claimed that outlying faction, the Republic of New Love, was responsible for an attack on Japan’s capital. A space plasma bot, as it has been described, rained down fire on the city destroying it completely.

We have to ask – are the Imperium, one of the races the world welcomed with open arms, responsible, and the Republic of New Love just the fall guys?

What does this mean about our other alien allies, and those consorting with them?


GNN Second Alien Rendezvous (with pics)

In an exclusive interview brokered by Angola, GNN has conducted a wide ranging discussion on the alien polity’s intentions.

The polity is looking to set up a Base in Angola in order to improve agricultural and medical technologies. The move has been agreed after discussions led by Angola with Kenya, China and Humanity First.

The Federation representative claimed to know nothing about the abduction of each security council but speculated that it was possibly peaceful, as the Angolan president had recently met with aliens in the same way.

It claimed a polity called the Imperium had led the moves.

In the long term the Federation plans to engage in scientific interchange and make a contribution to earth culture and learn more about humanity.

It also noted that the Commonwealth polity was behind the moves to divert meteorites from hitting Earth.

The polity also welcomed Japan’s moratorium on whaling, saying that cetaceans were very intelligent creatures that should not be killed.

It also called for Earth nations not to attack the Federation, which is signified by a red, rounded-W shape emblem.

GMIC committed to world defense

With recent events happening around and on the borders of our world, GMIC are committed to help protect and defend our world.

As of today GMIC has upgraded Chudials available to all who require. We pride ourselves on making top quality SIFS. We also provide old and modern tech upgrades at fair prices.

We have improved vaccines and antibiotics to help heal the world in crisis.

All this and more. We will not be beaten on price, so if you’ve been quoted on any of the above, let us sell to you for cheaper.

Together we can protect and heal the world.

Virus Z to die

A joint effort by South Africa, Egypt, Kenya have worked with Wimpey Fergusson to roll out a vaccine programme across West Africa to deal with Virus Z. A South African announcement claimed that the efforts would see the virus eradicated from the troubled region.

Meanwhile the British government announced a continent-wide vaccination programme to deal with other diseases in Africa.

Iranian-Israel accord

An historic agreement over access to Jerusalem and recognition of Palestine has led to Iranian agreement with the Israeli government. The two nations, both enemies for decades, is seen as a sign of new peace for the region and is a major victory for Israeli diplomacy. IMG_0051

GNN Sits Down With An Alien

A GNN reporters been granted an exclusive interview with an alien.

Despite difficulty with communications, we can announce that there are in fact multiple alien races. We sat down with a peaceful fellow. He told us that while some races see humanity/Earth as nature reserve, and some communicate with whales, his people want diplomacy and are completely against a nuclear war.

He also revealed that the Pope is a revered figure among them who has known about their existence for years.